My Shiney Hiney Medium Bristle Personal Cleansing Brush Set - Blue

  • Intimate area cleansing brush
  • Ergonomically designed applicator handle
  • Three (3) replaceable brush heads
  • One (1) suction cup holder


Whether you call it your derrière, rump, or where the sun don’t shine, this body part often receives just a cursory scrub in the shower. My Shiney Hiney makes the cleansing easier and more thorough with an ergonomic brush that accesses that hard-to-reach area. As you shower, just dip the brush (or finger brush, if you’re looking for added control) into the moisturizing cleanser and scrub private parts free of odors and impurities. Once clean, dry, and pleasantly scented, apply the whitening formula as a final step to soothe skin and fade any discolorations. The cleaning regimen is designed to make you feel more confident as you go about your day.


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