SteamOne 900-1800W T22S Professional Garment Steamer (Adjustable Settings)

SteamOne 900-1800W T22S Professional Garment Steamer 

Ordinary steamers typically will not let you choose how much power your steamer will use when you steam your clothing. However, this amazing SteamOne 900-1800 Watt Professional Garment steamer features an adjustable power setting; letting you be in control of how much power you use. Simply adjust the dial anywhere between 900 and 1800 watts. Being able to adjust the wattage will allow you to steam a variety of heavy weight and light weight fabrics. This particular steamer has a 3.7 quart water tank so you will not have to refill often. This steamer includes: brush, pant clamp, rod hook, trouser adjuster, folding hanger, and a glove with a mini pressing board. The cord is extra long (16.4 feet) for added convenience.


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